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Categories not assigned to interface show to Knowledge Advanced authors
Answer ID 9747   |   Last Review Date 01/16/2019

Why are service categories configured as not visible for an interface shown to Knowledge Advanced authors logged into that interface?


Oracle B2C Service, Product listing
Knowledge Advanced


The list of service categories available to Knowledge Advanced content authors is dependent on two things. First, the View(s) associated with the Console User will each be associated to a list of categories, and this list will determine what categories are limited from view for Console Users while using the KA Authoring tool. Further, the Content Type associated with the content being viewed or created is also a limiting factor in what will display for available categories to associate to a document. Thus, the KA content author can only assign categories to an article that are in the intersection of the categories in the author's view(s) and the categories assigned to the content type.

Interface configurations, including the visibility configured per-interface on service categories within the Products/Categories/Dispositions editor in the agent console, does not affect this behavior for Knowledge Advanced. Similarly, view assignments per interface within Knowledge Advanced authoring also does not affect this behavior.

For similar information on products see Answer ID 9708: Products not assigned to interface show to Knowledge Advanced authors