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Empty Slices are normal
Answer ID 9673   |   Last Review Date 01/14/2019

Why do some slices not display a quantity?


Report Slicing, Analytics
Oracle B2C Service, All versions


A report with a slice  does not have a quantity listed by one of the segments.


If a slice segment does not return any results, i.e. there are no rows in the current page that match the criteria of a given slice, then rather than listing a number, the slice name will be displayed with nothing next to it.


Slice Definitions:

  • Slice 1: Color equals green.
  • Slice 2: Color equals blue.

A random page of results in a report:

 Slice 1
 Slice 2 (1)
 Name Age   Color
Saphira 25  Blue
Ancalagon 302 Black
Frangmist  124 Silver 
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