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I cannot create a test site using configuration assistant
Answer ID 9589   |   Last Review Date 02/25/2019

Can you tell me why my clone site continues to fail?


Site Maintenance, Clone Sites, Cloud Portal - Configuration Assistant
Oracle B2C Service, All versions


I have attempted to create a clone of my production site using the Cloud Portal/Configuration Assistant however these continue to fail and I cannot understand why.


One possible cause for your clone site failing is if you have an outstanding Custom Object or Custom Field deployment. Since the clone process relies heavily on copying the schema of your production site, if the schema is in flux, as would be the case with a deployment you have to wait until this has completed to start a fresh clone of your production environment. This is in place to help protect the integrity of the underlying schema.

If, after your deployments have completed, you are still unable to make a clone of your site through the Cloud Portal or you would like your failed clones removed, please submit a service request via Ask Technical Support to Oracle B2C Service Technical Support team for further assistance.