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Variables are not converted if appended with a letter, number or underscore
Answer ID 9435   |   Last Review Date 01/08/2019

How can I append a letter or number immediately after a variable without a space?


Standard Text, System-defined Variables, dollar sign ($)
Oracle B2C Service

-  This answer applies to variables used in standard text messages and appended within incident threads.
-  This does not apply to variables appended within answer content.


When appending a letter, number, underscore or certain characters immediately following a variable without a space may in some situations not recognize the variable.  Also, when you copy and paste a variable name into an incident thread it may not be recognized and treated like a variable.


Using the following format ${var}, basically adding curly braces around the variable name portion, will allow you to append any characters immediately following the variable without the need of a space, or allow you to properly copy and paste variables in an incident thread.

Example: ${}123 will append 123 to the contact first name where $ will not be recognized as a proper variable name.  When you copy and paste variables into an incident thread it is necessary to use the curly brace format for the variable to be recognized by the system.  See further rendering examples in the table below:

Image of a table: example variable formats and their renderings