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Changing a target version after upgrade site creation
Answer ID 9296   |   Last Review Date 05/25/2022

Are we able to change the target version after upgrade site creation?


Oracle B2C Service Update


Oracle B2C Service updates typically require just 5 to 15 minutes of application downtime during the update cutover. That's because nearly all the database modifications required for update are completed in advance of the cutover on the production site. These changes are made at the time the upgrade site is created.

Once an upgrade site is created, the corresponding production site must update to the version of the upgrade site. It is not possible to update to a different version until the current update has been completed. The database changes made on the production site are specifically designed to update the site to a specific version of Oracle B2C Service and cannot be reversed or altered.


1) A 22A upgrade site is created. The production site is now locked to 22A.

2) 22B becomes generally available during the update process.

3) A client requests changing the target version to 22B, however, Oracle advises them that it is not possible to update to a different version prior to updating to the locked version (22A).

4) The production site is updated to 22A.

5) The production site is now eligible to update to 22B.

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