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Visitor Browser History tab is blank
Answer ID 9244   |   Last Review Date 01/27/2019

Why is the Visitor Browser History tab blank?


Oracle B2C Service


If the Visitor Browser History tab in the agent's chat workspace is blank, check the following:

  • Make sure that the VBH_ENABLED configuration setting is set to true on the main interface. This is a site level configuration and if it is not set then Visitor Browser History will be blank.

  • Visitor Browser History is enabled properly.  See CX Administrator guide to enable Visitor Browser History

  • End user pages are tagged with the Engagement Engine tag.
    Only pages tagged with the Engagement Engine tag can be captured with Visitor Browser History.  See Getting Started Guide for Engagement Engine  for more information as well as the current Engagement Engine documentation at Oracle Engagement Engine Cloud Service Documentation

  • The profile of the agent accepting the chat has access to the primary interface.
    This is found in the profile in the "Interfaces" section of the ribbon, under the top "Interfaces" section.  Ensure the primary interface has a check for "Access".  This is important especially if the agent is accepting chats on a non-primary interface.  This will allow the agent to log into the primary console, however, what chats they accept are determined by the chat queue assignments.