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Appending standard text to incident Private Note via business rules
Answer ID 9241   |   Last Review Date 12/23/2018

How can I append a standard text and email forward this incident addition via business rules?


Business Rules, Standard Text, Incident Forwards
Oracle B2C Service, All versions


To get the desired functionality you would create a Business Rule that uses "Append Response Template to Notes Field" when appending the standard text. This would be for such cases as adding a note via rule that you wouldn't want Customer visible.

An example of this would be when an incident is escalated.  Once it meets a given condition, the incident is then unassigned and sent back to the general queue. For troubleshooting purposes you want to be able to leave a note explaining the reason behind this, so you create a standard text that states it has been escalated and was subsequently unassigned.

An example of a rule set up to handle this Append Response Template to Notes Field is seen below:

  • Add Action - Then > Append Thread > Append Response Template to Notes Field - then select appropriate standard text item.
  • Add Action - Then > Email > Email Incident Information - select all that apply to the forward
  • Add Action - Then > Email > Sent Email Response to Sender - this action sends the response email message in place of the receipt email message so that the Response field is included in the email that is sent to the end-user. 

Edit Incident Rule > Add actions

In this, you can see the first portion of the Then clause appends the standard text as a private note thread type. The next action then forwards the incident to whom you designate.  The last action would then send a response email message to the end-user and the note would then not appear since it comes in as a private note.

The path to edit incident rules is: Configuration > Site Configuration > Rules. Click the Incident button on the ribbon in Edit mode. After editing and updating your rules, be sure to compile and activate the rules for use.

For instructions on how to append this in a Response Field please see: Answer ID 1001: Configuring a rule that sends a standard response to the customer.