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Spell Check does not work for some words.
Answer ID 9090   |   Last Review Date 02/10/2020

Why are some words, added to the user dictionary files, not taken into consideration by Spell Check when working an incident?


Spell Checker
Oracle B2C Service, All versions


I have added some words to the user dictionary file (userdic.tlx) but the Spell Checker still marks them as misspelled.


If you have added the words following the steps that are described in theAnswer ID 439: Adding words to the spell check dictionary and configuring spellcheck and the words that you have added are still marked as misspelled by the Spell Checker functionality then it may be possible those words have a trailing space in the dictionary file.

To check this, use these steps:

1. Access the userdic.tlx file from the File Manager
Configuration Items > Site Configuration > File Manager > select appropiate Interface > select Spellchecker Dictionaries from the drop-down menu

2. Click the userdic.tlx hyperlink to open the file

3. Copy its content into a Notepad Editor

4. Select all the content from the Notepad Editor

5. Navigate to the end of each word and make sure there are no extra spaces

For example we have the following content that was copied from a dictionary file:

Illustration of all content highlighted

Notice that the words "oracle" and "service" have an extra space added at the end and they will not be taken into consideration by the Spell Checker when typed into an incident thread, because of that extra space.