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Ma_trans Purging
Answer ID 9073   |   Last Review Date 12/19/2018

Why is there no data older than 400 days in the ma_trans table?


All sites, Utilities, Dataminer


Data older than 400 days is missing in the ma_trans table.


The Dataminer utility moves some data from the ma_trans table to ma_stats, purges some data, and retains the remaining data. Purging is done to data that is 400 days old. This purging is non-configurable. This is done to prevent massive data buildup, which would compromise database performance. The remaining data types after purging are for opt-in/out transactions: 14, 22, 23 (Link Unsubscribe, List Header Unsubscribe, Automatic SPAM Loop Unsubscribe respectively), which must be keep for legal reasons.

For more information on other purge settings, see Answer ID 2362: Purge settings and how they affect our site.