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Oracle B2C Service – Maintenance Packs
Answer ID 9013   |   Last Review Date 01/06/2023

What are Maintenance Packs and when are they applied?


Maintenance Packs (previously known as Service Packs)
Oracle B2C Service Release and Maintenance Schedule
All supported versions


Oracle issues maintenance packs to enhance the product release cycle of Oracle B2C Service. Maintenance packs deliver code fixes and performance improvements without the need to perform a full version update.  Please note, it is not possible to fix all types of defects with a maintenance pack.  In some cases a version update is required due to the nature of the fix. For more information about version updates, please see Answer ID 4696: Popular Answers About Updating Oracle B2C Service

See also Support Notifications for important service notifications relating to system updates.

Maintenance Pack Contents

Each maintenance pack includes a comprehensive set of fixes and improvements produced during its release cycle, as well as fixes from previous maintenance packs for the same major release. For example, the 21C January Maintenance Pack includes several new fixes in addition to all fixes provided in the 21C December Maintenance Pack.

Fixes and updates contained in each maintenance pack are published in the maintenance pack release notes.

  • To view information about fixes that have been applied to your site, expand the section below for your site's version and select the maintenance pack you would like review the notes for. 
    • To view what version and maintenance pack your site is running, select the File option in the upper left of the console, then Help > About.   
  • This information is also available from Answer ID 5168: Documentation for Oracle Service  by following the link for your version and referring to the Maintenance Pack Release Notes section.

NOTE:  Maintenance pack release notes do not include references to fixes associated with known security vulnerabilities.

Maintenance packs do not generally include new features, schema changes, or changes to customer-facing user interfaces and APIs. Maintenance packs also will not change the look and feel of your site. The application of these updates is not expected to result in downtime or reduced functionality.

Maintenance Pack Delivery

Maintenance packs are typically released on a regular schedule following the general availability of each major product release. The delivery schedule and documentation for all product updates bearing the name "Maintenance Pack" are below.  

Note: Each product version will have four planned maintenance packs.  Additional maintenance packs may be delivered at Oracle's discretion.

Click the plus sign next to the appropriate heading below to expand that section for viewing.


January Maintenance Pack - Week of January 6, 2023 for non-production sites. Week of January 20, 2023 for production sites.
February Maintenance Pack - Non-production sites on February 3, 2023 and Production sites on February 17, 2023
March Maintenance Pack - Non-production sites on March 10, 2023 and Production sites on March 24, 2023
April Maintenance Pack - Non-production sites on April 7, 2023 and Production sites on April 21, 2023


October Maintenance Pack 
November Maintenance Pack
December Maintenance Pack
January Maintenance Pack - Week of January 6, 2023 for non-production sites. Week of January 20, 2023 for production sites.




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