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Browser UI Core Runtime Features
Answer ID 9010   |   Last Review Date 10/26/2020

What core runtime features are supported by the Browser User Interface?

Browser UI Core Runtime Features
A link is provided for each section where additional information is available.

NOTE:  The Agent Browser User Interface is only supported for the last five (5) Oracle B2C Service releases for all customers.

* Items in the tables below showing asterisk (*) indicates that detail is not yet supported.

File Menu

 Feature  Parent Menu  Browser UI Support  Notes
 About  Help  Supported  
 Add-In Logging  Add-In Logging  *  
 Add-ins  Options  *  
 Best Practices  Community  *  Use this link: B2C Service Resources
 Communication Center  Options  *  Some preferences are supported in Browser UI today, for a full list of options please visit Answer ID 11733: Communication Center features supported within the Browser UI
 Create New Items  Create New Items  Supported  Global Create Region
 Developer Resources  Community  *  Use this link:
 Discussion Forum  Community  *  Use this link:
 Documentation  Community or Help  *  Click Help Icon from the Global Header region for BUI-specific documentation or use this link:  Answer ID 5168: Documentation for Oracle B2C Service Products
 External Links  Links  *  
 Help Contents  Help  Supported  
 Idea Lab  Community  *  Use this link:
 Navigation Pane  Options  *  
 Office Integration  Links  *  
 Oracle B2C Service Interfaces   Links  *  
 Personal Settings  Options  *  
 Reset Tool Windows  Options  *  
 Support Knowledge Base  Community  *  Use this link:
 Tool Windows  Options  *  
 Training  Community  *  Use this link:
 Tutorials  Community or Help  *  Use this link: Answer ID 4833: Oracle B2C Service tutorials
 View Options  Options  *  Browser UI has a 'preferences' menu that allows the user to select a background color.

Navigation Sets

 Feature Name  Browser UI Support  Notes
 Components  *  Components include explorers, designers, etc.
 Business rules editor for custom business objects
 Custom Reports  Supported  
 Customize Navigation Set  Supported  
 Dashboards  Supported  
 Folders  Supported  
 Public Reports  Supported  


 Feature  Browser UI Support  Notes
 Broadcast – Send Message  Supported  
 Broadcast Select Recipient  Supported  
 Broadcast Sent to All Logged in Users  Supported  
 Delete All Notifications  Supported  
 Delete Single Notification  Supported  
 Notification Toast  Supported  
 Open from Notification Toast  Supported  
 Open Notification Object  Supported  
 Refresh Notifications  Supported  

Recent Items

 Feature Name  Browser UI Support  Notes
 Filter By Search  Supported  
 Filter By Type  Supported  
 List Recent Items  Supported  
 Open Items from List  Supported  
 Pin/Unpin  *  

Quick Search

 Feature  Browser UI Support  Notes
 Customize List  *  Change in CX console if needed; then refresh BUI 
 Dashboard support  *  
 Location change  *  Always in global header
 Quick Search – switch to other reports  Supported  
 Show/Use first filter of selected report  *  Must always choose the menu to search on value other than Ref#

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