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Versions of Office 365 with Oracle B2C Service
Answer ID 8979   |   Last Review Date 05/24/2019

Are versions of Office 365 supported with Oracle B2C Service?


Office 365, online office subscriptions, all versions. Including Shared and Shared MUI versions. 
Oracle B2C Service (OSvC) all versions


Currently there are no plans to integrate any version of Office 365 with Oracle B2C Service.  

If any version of Office 365 is used with Oracle B2C Service and an issue is encountered, we will provide best effort around helping resolve the issue.

Please note there are different versions of Microsoft Office. There is the traditional version where all components are installed on a workstation.  There are also online subscription versions of Office, including Office 365 (i.e. cloud version) where some components are accessed from the cloud.  While these versions function the same, they interact with B2C Service in different manners.

As an example, Office 365 does not have components installed on the workstation to export a report in Excel format.  However, it is possible to export a report as a text document from B2C Service and import it into Excel.

Also, Outlook Sync is not supported with Office 365.  Meaning, it is not possible to import contacts from Outlook when using Office 365.

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