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Office 365 Pop3 basic authentication deprecation
Answer ID 11115   |   Last Review Date 03/10/2021

Is the Microsoft Office 365 Pop3 basic authentication deprecation going to have any impact for sites using Office 365 mailboxes?


Oracle B2C Service, All versions


Oracle B2C Service is taking a proactive approach to the announcement made by Microsoft to deprecate basic authentication for MS Exchange. We have been working since January to design and implement a solution that will keep customers that are using Exchange running after the change by Microsoft. Our design and its functionality should allow customers to implement with little effort or impact to their organization. 

Please note in response to the COVID-19 crisis, Microsoft has deferred the end of support date for basic authentication for active use customers until the second half of 2021. 

Because of the upcoming deprecation we have introduced OAuth authentication into versions 20C and above. OAuth authentication for Office365 mailboxes is configurable in both the Browser UI (BUI) and .NET clients with a new mailbox editor.  Note that while the new editor is the only one available in the Browser UI client, it must be enabled in the .NET client. 

Refer to Answer ID 11837: Enabling the mailboxes editor for OAuth in .NET for more information.

For information on enabling OAuth for Office365 mailboxes please refer to the documentation at