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Daylight Savings changes are automatic.
Answer ID 8974   |   Last Review Date 11/03/2019

Do I need to manually adjust my site to factor in Daylight Savings Time?


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Adjusting the time zone for a site to take Daylight Savings Time into account.


Depending on your time zone, please refer to Acceptable Values for TZ_ DST (PDF) to verify if your time zone region supports daylight savings (yellow) and will adjust automatically as there are a number that do not (blue).

Oracle B2C Service automatically adjusts an interface to account for Daylight Savings Time if the time zone value in the TZ_ INTERFACE setting supports Daylight Savings Time.

Note: GMT should not be selected unless you are certain that the interface will not have to adjust for daylight savings time seasonally. We recommend against using GMT unless there is a strong business case.

If you notice an inconsistency between the time you see on your site and what it should be, please submit a service request to Ask Technical Support with an example and details of the correct date/time.

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