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Proactive chat Syndicated Widget "Do not ask again" checkbox not working
Answer ID 8963   |   Last Review Date 09/19/2018

Why does Proactive Chat Syndicated Widget "Do not ask again" checkbox not work with Engagement Engine?


Engagement Engine


When checked, the "Do not ask again" checkbox will set a cookie for 30 days out.  When it is not checked, it will set a cookie for the session.  When using a standard Customer Portal Syndicated Proactive Chat, the cookies will behave as you expect:  if not checked, block for the session, or if checked, blocked for 30 days.  However, the difference in the behavior is when the widget is placed on the page through Engagement Engine.  With Engagement Engine Editor, you control when the widget is offered or not offered through the Editor.  You have more options available to you through the "On Demand", "Chat Invitation" option.  Here is an example:

Further instructions can be found in the 'Display Chat Invitation' section of the Engagement Engine User Guide.