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Oracle B2C Service Tools available for customers
Answer ID 8956   |   Last Review Date 10/28/2020

What tools are available for Oracle B2C Service customers to perform tasks such as renewing an SSL certificate and requesting a mailbox?


Oracle B2C Service tools available for customers 


Common self-service functions can be conducted in the Configuration Assistant.

Configuration Assistant
Manage your Cloud subscriptions via the Oracle B2C Service Configuration Assistant found on the Oracle Cloud Portal under the 'My Services' section.

Spam Management Portal
The Spam Management Portal provides the ability to manage spam filtering including allow lists and blocklists.  This tool is also available from Site Tools > Hosting Services > Spam Filtering.

For more inforamtion, see:
Answer ID 11713: Managing the new Spam Quarantine

Utility Stats Portal
The Utility Stats Portal allows our customers to view recent run dates and run times for when the techmail, dbstatus, and agedatabase utilities have run for their site. In this way, our customers can determine when a utility has run and if any issues arose.

For more information, see:
Answer ID 348: Utilities included with Oracle B2C Service

Additional tools are available from Site Tools > Hosting Services.  More information about the additional tools is available from Answer ID 1569: Links on Site Tools and Account pages on Oracle B2C Service Support site

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