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Requesting an Oracle B2C Service Update
Answer ID 1124   |   Last Review Date 11/11/2019

How do I schedule my site to be updated?


Oracle B2C Service, All versions


How an update is scheduled depends on the update method used.

Auto Update Program:
For sites enrolled in the Auto Update Program (AUP), an upgrade site will automatically be created for you. A service request will be created on your behalf and the upgrade site URLs will be provided once the upgrade site is available. The upgrade site creation date can be modified in Configuration Assistant.

Legacy Update Process:
Sites ineligible for the Auto Update Program are asked to schedule their next Oracle B2C Service update months in advance using Configuration Assistant.  Scheduling the update ensures the same Oracle Update Engineering Team are assigned in order to take advantage of their site customization expertise.  Scheduling also reduces the code freeze duration.  A service request will be created when you schedule and a member of our technical staff will respond to you.

For more information, the following presentation provides a comprehensive discussion about best practices for configuring and executing updates for your Service Cloud site. Topics include scheduling options, acceptance testing, and product changes.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Service Cloud Updates