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Login method listed as 'login based on SSO session token'
Answer ID 8946   |   Last Review Date 12/16/2018

Why does login method appear as 'login based on SSO session token'?


Analytics, User Transactions, Staff Login
Oracle B2C Service, May 2015 and newer


We created a report from the user transactions (user_trans) table that shows agent logins.  In a successful login, the 'login method' output column shows: "login based on SSO session token". 



Staring from May 2015 and newer versions, the login method of a user in the application console is written at the database level (user_trans table) as "login based on SSO session token" in the login_method field.

This is an intended behavior because the staff account password is saved in the Internet Explorer settings. In previous versions the staff account password was saved in the local workstation and has the value in the database as "local username/password based login".