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Languages available for Oracle Knowledge Advanced products
Answer ID 8772   |   Last Review Date 03/18/2019

Is Oracle Knowledge available in non-English languages?


Oracle Knowledge Advanced for Service Cloud (OKCS / KA), Languages


Oracle Knowledge Advanced for Service Cloud (OKCS / KA) supports all of the languages listed below:
  Supported Knowledge Advanced Locale   Locale Code
  Chinese - China   zh-CN
  Chinese - Hong Kong   zh-HK
  Chinese - Taiwan   zh-TW
  Czech - Czech Republic   cs-CZ
  Danish - Denmark   da-DK
  Dutch - Netherlands   nl-NL
  Dutch - Belgium   nl-BE
  English - Australia   en-AU
  English - Great Britain   en-GB
  English - India   en-IN
  English - Ireland   en-IE
  English - United States   en-US
  Finnish - Finland   fi-FI
  French - Belgium   fr-BE
  French - Canada   fr-CA
  French - France   fr-FR
  German - Germany   de-DE
  German - Austria   de-AT
  Hungarian - Hungary   hu-HU
  Italian - Italy   it-IT
  Japanese - Japan   ja-JP
  Korean - Korea   ko-KO
  Norwegian - BokmÃ¥l Norway   no-NO
  Polish - Poland   pl-PL
  Portuguese - Brazil   pt-BR
  Portuguese - Portugal   pt-PT
  Romanian - Romania   ro-RO
  Russian - Russia   ru-RU
  Spanish - Spain   es-ES
  Swedish - Sweden   sv-SE
  Turkish - Turkey   tr-TR
  Ukrainian - Ukraine   uk-UA

Oracle Knowledge Advanced for Service Cloud and Oracle B2C Service do not support any other association between Knowledge Advanced and Service Cloud locales.

Oracle Knowledge Advanced for Service Cloud requires that each Knowledge Advanced Locale is associated with one Oracle B2C Service Interface.

Note: Oracle B2C Service provides only limited support for Arabic; due to this limitation, Knowledge Advanced does not currently support Arabic.

For information on the languages available in Oracle B2C Service, refer to Answer ID 318: Languages available for Oracle B2C Service products.

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