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Answer ID 8762   |   Last Review Date 12/16/2018

Why did my search functionality give me a warning message?


Customer Portal
File Manager > Spell Checker Dictionaries 


A related error may also appear in your Error logs (Site Configuration > Logs).

"Error Opening SSCE Session /vhosts/rnt_common/spell/dict/userdic.tlx"


The first area you should check is in the File Manager (Configuration > Site Configuration > File Manager).  Select the dropdown and choose Spell Checker Dictionaries (userdic.tlx).

Click on the userdic.tlx to open it for editing and confirm the first two lines within the file are:

#LID 1033 1 1

If not, edit the file to add the two lines above to the top of your file.  You can also choose the "Restore" option from the Action column.

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