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'Agent Engagement Timeout' present in chat events
Answer ID 8664   |   Last Review Date 05/05/2020

Why am I seeing 'Agent Engagement Timeout' when looking at chat events?


B2C Service Chat - Agent Console


The 'Agent Engagement Timeout' event is controlled by a hidden configuration setting called SRV_AGENT_TIMEOUT. This configuration specifies the number of seconds that the Oracle B2C Service Chat Server waits for a requested agent to respond before trying another agent. This value is 60 (seconds) and cannot be changed.

If an agent does not accept chat within the number of seconds defined in this configuration setting, the 'Agent Engagement Timeout' event will be inserted into the chat_events table and the incoming chat will be sent to another agent.


There is another configuration setting called  CHAT_ALERTFORM_AUTOCLOSE_TIMEOUT which specifies the amount of time in seconds a chat agent has to manually accept or decline an incoming chat. After this timeout the toast notification will go away, and the default behavior (set in the agent's profile) will be assumed. The difference is that this setting only controls how many seconds the toast notification will be available on the agent screen and the value should be set less than the value of SRV_AGENT_TIMEOUT. The default behavior depends on the chat agent's profile permissions and whether Auto Decline is enabled or disabled.

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