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User acceptance testing (UAT) best practices
Answer ID 8643   |   Last Review Date 12/08/2022

How can I reduce the time spent performing UAT?


Oracle B2C Service


This answer summarizes Oracle's user acceptance testing (UAT) best practices during a version update. Oracle utilizes more than thirty Oracle B2C Service instances internally to support different business units and the Oracle B2C Service support site is always the first site to update to each new version (well before the software is released to customers). Minimal UAT is required largely because the agent and customer experience does not change between versions and APIs and customizations are backwards compatible.

Start with an advantage
1) Keep a "healthy" database size. Please see why Data management is crucial to maximize Oracle B2C Service success

Getting ready to test
1) Ensure that your network and workstations comply with the Oracle B2C Service Infrastructure Requirements document

2) Review Changes associated with an Oracle B2C service update to understand all documented changes in the targeted version

3) Configure and enable mailboxes on the upgrade site to test Service Emails. Refer to Answer 2145: Testing email responses from the upgrade site

Best practices for testing
1) Empower your experienced Oracle B2C Service agents and administrators to be the primary UAT testers. These power users make ideal testers because they are more likely to notice if any change occurs in application behavior.

2) Focus on “end to end” test flows and try to keep UAT as light touch as possible. For example starting a chat via the customer persona, working that chat as an agent persona, and finally concluding the chat. A second example is submitting a service request through Customer Portal and working that incident to conclusion. This approach enables you to test across the application in one testing flow.

3) Report any issues or changes in application behavior to Oracle through our Ask Technical Support link. When submitting new service requests to Oracle Technical Support please be sure to provide very detailed replication steps, including screen shots, to enable speedier issue resolution.

4) Post update consider retiring certain aspects of your test plan that proved successfully over previous updates. Lean on Oracle for quality.

Continued use of a deprecated feature creates update risk.
Oracle recommends additional UAT on any deprecated feature. Customer Portal v2 is the riskiest deprecated feature. Please review Oracle’s support answer Oracle B2C Service Deprecations