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Cannot change the report layout from grid to standard on existing custom report
Answer ID 8636   |   Last Review Date 02/25/2020

Why can't I see any difference when I change my custom report layout from grid to standard?


Reports, Analytics
Oracle B2C Service, All versions


Although the report layout on my existing report was changed from grid to standard, the report is still not behaving like a standard layout type and is not allowing me to scroll horizontally and see all columns. It is instead resizing columns to fit on the current screen width like a grid report does.

This is proving troublesome on a report with multiple columns as it is making some columns unreadable.


This issue is caused by the fact that one or more columns has their width set to a percentage value. You can check this by selecting a column, going to the "Format" tab and selecting the "Width" tab. You will need to make sure the "Best Fit" option is selected.

Once you verify all columns are set to "Best Fit", you can change the report layout to "Standard Report" and verify that all columns are now appropriately resized and a horizontal scroll bar is displayed allowing you to properly view all report columns.