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Modifying Search KnowledgeBase report options
Answer ID 9910   |   Last Review Date 02/24/2020

How can we customize the Search KnowledgeBase report used in the incident workspace?


Customizing the Search KnowledgeBase (KB) report,
Options affect Browser User Interface (BUI) report output display
Oracle B2C Service (OSvC)


The default Search KnowledgeBase (KB) report used within the incident workspace is ID 125.  By making a copy of this report and selecting it within the workspace, you can modify the options to change the filtering and output display as needed.  Below are a few of those options:

  • First, make a copy of the default report
    • Open Report Explorer
    • Search using Find where ID is 125
    • Right-click Copy report
    • Save 'Custom Search KnowledgeBase' report in a public folder

  • Associate copied report as Search Report in incident workspace 
    • Identify the incident workspace associated with the profile 
    • Open the Workspace Designer and open that workspace for edit
    • Select Messages tab
    • From the Design ribbon, select Search Report
    • Within the pop-up window, select the Custom Search KnowledgeBase report
    • Select OK and Save changes to the workspace

  • Convert Tabular Layout to Record Layout
    • Edit the custom report using the Report Designer in the .NET console
    • From the Home ribbon, select the layout option desired
    • Save workspace to save changes

  • Set Column Header visibility in report design
    • With report open for edit, go to Page Setup ribbon
    • Expand Display field options
    • Select Data Display Options tab in pop-up
    • Check 'Hide Column Headers' check box
    • Select OK and Save changes to workspace

  • Set Display More option in report design
    • With report open for edit, right-click on any output column heading
    • Select Edit Format > Text tab 
    • In Text Options section, enable 'Display more link when text width exceeds cell width' option
    • Select OK and Save changes to workspace

  • Set row limit parameter in report design
    • With report open for edit, right-click on any output column heading
    • Select Edit Format > Alignment tab
    • In the Data section, enable 'Wrap Text' 
    • The 'Limit wrapped text' option will then be available to set the max number of rows text will wrap to
    • Select OK and Save changes to workspace

  • Set Report Width in report design
    • Select Page Setup from the ribbon area
    • Expand the Display options
    • Select either Best Fit or Fit in Window
    • Select OK and Save changes to workspace

For more information on customizing reports within a workspace, refer to Customizing search results and reports in a workspace.

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