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Unable to perform actions (Open, Edit, Delete) against report output
Answer ID 8625   |   Last Review Date 09/26/2018

Why are options to open, edit, and/or delete inactive when working within a report?


Version August 2014, Analytics


A report must contain a unique record identifier to allow edit options within the report.  For example, a report for organizational contacts must contain the contact ID (contacts.c_id) as a unique identifier.

To resolve this, use these steps:

  1. Open the report for edit from the Reports Explorer
  2. Right click in the design area and select ‘Add Column’
  3. From the contacts table, double click the ‘Contact (c_id)’ field
  4. Click OK to add the column
  5. Save the report
  6. Generate to confirm options are now available

For more information on creating and editing reports, refer to the Answer ID 4287: Analytics resources.


Improperly designed report missing key data denying agents the ability to edit, open, or delete the report contents at runtime.  The following illustrates the "Delete" option inactive.