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Technical Support and Accelerators
Answer ID 8448   |   Last Review Date 11/28/2018

Does Technical Support answer questions about, or support Service Cloud accelerators?




Technical Support can not assist in setting up accelerators and can not assist in troubleshooting issues with accelerator setup or code unless the issues are related to product issues.


Accelerators are a great way to get started with product integrations, but remember that they are only intended as working example code to get you headed in the correct direction with the coding and setup process. Accelerators are not intended to be a complete solution. In many cases they will be specifically tailored to a demonstration setup and will likely need at least some, if not extensive modification, to achieve your business goals.

Also, be aware that accelerators are developed against given product versions and modifications might be necessary for the accelerator to work with newer versions of the product(s) involved.

If you are working with an accelerator and need assistance, please visit the Development Community and Forums and ask questions there. In many cases the accelerator developers will be monitoring the forums and community and can answer your questions directly. You can reach Oracle B2C Service specific resources through Support Home under the Developers section.

If your project is beyond the scope of your development team, please don't hesitate to investigate contracting Oracle Consulting Services (or a partner) to move your development along. If you are a partner, please investigate our additional resources for partners.

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