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The chat print button has a different behavior while using Chrome and Safari browsers
Answer ID 8375   |   Last Review Date 01/14/2019

Why am I seeing ‘You will be able to print after the chat has ended.’ when hovering over the 'print chat' button?


Customer Portal, Chat Landing


This behavior can be observed during an active chat while using Chrome and Safari browsers. The print button will be inactive and when hovering over the 'Print Chat' icon the following tooltip will appear: ‘You will be able to print after the chat has ended".  While using Internet Explorer 11 or Mozilla Firefox browsers, the behavior will be slightly different in the fact that the print button will be active during chat.

The reason there is a difference in behavior between Chrome and Internet Explorer is because some browsers have difficulty with printing when there are outstanding AJAX requests, which is the case during an active chat. Therefore, the code for the standard ChatPrintButton widget is detecting these browsers and disables the 'Print' button which then becomes active on chat completion.