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Determining the version of your Oracle B2C Service application
Answer ID 808   |   Last Review Date 12/16/2018

How do I find out what version of Oracle B2C Service I am currently running?


Oracle B2C Service all versions


From the Agent Console
When logged in to the console of your application, you can determine which version and build of your Oracle B2C Service site.  The about pop-up window provides version and build information as well as feature and database information.

Click the File tab (previously the Application button), located in the upper-left corner of the console, and select Help > About. 

From the Customer Portal Pages
If you are using Oracle B2C Service, you can easily determine the version and build of your site by modifying the URL of your end-user pages.  This option also displays the version of Customer Portal your site is currently on.

Customer Portal: The URL for the about page is:

PHP Version:
To see the PHP version your site is on, go to [sitelink]/ci/admin, select Help from the options displayed.  The version is displayed under Additional Ressources.