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Managing SSL Certificates using Oracle B2C Service Configuration Assistant
Answer ID 7988   |   Last Review Date 07/23/2019

How do I manage SSL Certificates using Configuration Assistant?


SSL, Custom Domain
Configured through Oracle Service Cloud Configuration Assistant on Oracle Cloud Portal


Steps on how to use the Oracle B2C Service Configuration Assistant SSL Certificate management feature are provided via the following:  

Managing SSL Certificates

Full documentation for using Configuration Assistant is available here: 
Oracle B2C Service Configuration Assistant Documentation

If you want to change the domain name in the URL for your site to a custom domain, an SSL certificate is required which is obtained by you from a Certificate Authority outside of Oracle but that is recognized by Oracle. Your first step is to purchase an entitlement for Custom Domain SSL Application Hosting from Oracle. Contact your Sales Representative for more information. This will give you the ability to use Oracle's self-service tools (Configuration Assistant) to generate CSR to provide to your certificate authority.  You will need to pay a fee to the certificate authority.  Once you have the certificate, you would implement the new SSL certificate(s) through Configuration Assistant (self service tool). You should work with your IT staff to get the correct certificates.


--  The Oracle B2C Service Configuration Assistant lets you manage your Oracle RightNow Cloud Service (Service) sites through the Oracle Public Cloud.  Once logged in, access the Oracle Cloud My Services section. From there, you can access your specific service as well as the Configuration Assistant by clicking the Configuration Assistant link.

--  Configuration Assistant does not have a way to import root certificates or intermediates. If you need full chain certificates installed, please contact B2C Service Technical Support for assistance.