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Intelligent Advisor Maximum Deployments
Answer ID 7975   |   Last Review Date 06/25/2020

What should be done when the maximum number of deployments in Intelligent Advisor is exceeded?


Intelligent Advisor, November 2016 release


Starting with the August 2015 release of Intelligent Advisor,  a maximum number of active deployments is enforced.  The limit as of the May 2016 release is set to 240 active deployments.  An activation is a policy model deployed as an interview or a web service. A single policy model deployed as an interview and a web service counts as two activations. A policy model deployed as a web service, even when deployed as both an interview service and as assess services, only counts as one activation. If you want to deploy a policy model as an interview or a web service and you are at the maximum number of activations for that Intelligent Advisor site, you must deactivate some policy models first.

For more details, see Deactivate a deployed project.

After deactivating unnecessary deployments, should you determine that additional deployments beyond the maximum are still necessary, submit a service request to request the additional number required.