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Verifying a response has actually been sent to a customer
Answer ID 792   |   Last Review Date 07/24/2020

Is there a way for me to verify that a response has actually been sent to a customer?


Audit Log, Transactions
Oracle B2C Service


Each support incident includes a list of transactions which are a record of actions for that incident, including editing, routing, assignment to other staff members and when responses were sent to the end-user.

To verify that a response has been sent for an incident, open the incident for editing in the Oracle B2C Service console. Click the Details tab or the Audit Log tab to view the audit log transactions. If a response was sent, you'll see an entry for "Respnose Sent". It is possible to save a response without sending it, so it is really important to view this Audit Log if you want to verify the response was sent as well as seeing who the response was sent to. 

Note: Since workspaces are customizable, the specific location of the audit log depends on the specific workspace used for your staff account. If you have difficulty finding the audit log, contact the administrator of your Oracle B2C Service application.