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Submitting errors within the application
Answer ID 7781   |   Last Review Date 07/22/2019

When an error occurs within the application, what information is sent when clicking Send on the error message?


Errors experienced within the agent console
Oracle B2C Service


When an error occurs within the application and you are presented with an option to send the error, relevant information is captured associated to the database transaction that just occurred to trigger the error.

In some cases, the error could possibly be caused by specific content being transmitted such as a certain character or encoding in a field. To assist in troubleshooting the issue, the data involved in the transaction is captured when submitting the error.

Submitting the error is optional, however, we recommend always selecting to send as the data collected can be useful in further investigations.

The data from the exception error is collected and analyzed for future maintenance packs or new release inclusions. However, this is not done immediately when anyone gets an exception error and notifications are not sent back from sending these to Oracle B2C Service.

When an error occurs, you will also need to submit a service request to Oracle B2C Service Technical Support and continue to capture all data and steps that trigger the error. Include in the communication that you did receive an exception error that was submitted to Oracle B2C Service. It is important that both methods are utilized.