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Allow any customer to send an email request to a support mailbox
Answer ID 767   |   Last Review Date 09/26/2018

How can I allow anyone to submit an incident via email?


Mailboxes - Service / System Configuration


The  EGW_AUTO_CONT_CREATE configuration setting specifies whether end-users can create a new account by submitting an assistance request through a mailbox configured for your site.

For new contact records created from an email, the contact record will be populated with the customer's email address as well as the contact's first and last names if they can be extracted from the email headers. If only one name is present in the header, it will populate the contact's last name value. The user ID for the contact will be set to their email address and their password will be set based on how the EGW_PASSWD_CREATE  setting is configured.

That is, if EGW_PASSWD_CREATE is enabled, a random password is created for the account and that password is emailed to the new contact. If EGW_PASSWD_CREATE is disabled, the password is left blank and the contact does not receive an email regarding their new record.

If EGW_AUTO_CONT_CREATE is disabled, the user must have a valid contact record already established in your application in order to be able to submit an email to your mailbox. This allows you to restrict access to your site to specific contacts.

Path to setting(s): Select Configuration from the navigation area > Site Configuration > Configuration Settings > and search by Key.

For more information on accessing the Configuration Editor and editing settings, refer to Answer ID 1960: Editing Configuration Settings.