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Unable to create New message bases or configuration settings
Answer ID 7505   |   Last Review Date 08/07/2019

Why are we unable to create a new message base or settings on our production or upgrade site?


Message Bases, Configuration Settings, Upgrades


The 'New' button to create a new message base and a configuration setting is grayed out on both our production and upgrade site.


During the upgrade process, the option to add new custom message bases or configuration settings is intentionally disabled in both the production and related upgrade site.

The reason behind this limitation is that, between the two sites, two different message base or configuration setting entries can be created with two different IDs. During cutover, these will collide causing an inconsistency in the database. To prevent those issues and prevent losing custom entries, the ability to add new entries is disabled.

The making of new custom message bases or configuration settings is enabled on the production site after the upgrade site is built. These new records are retained at cutover and the default value will be put in place.  Any custom value added to the production site will not be carried forward at cutover.   

Edits made to existing custom message bases or configuration settings made on the upgrade site are retained at cutover. The audit log after cutover will retain changes made to both the production and upgrade site even if the values are not retained after cutover.

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