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Adding a link on the Support Home page or a tab to the end-user pages
Answer ID 750   |   Last Review Date 12/12/2018

How can we add another link on the Support Home page or a tab to the end-user pages and link it to the appropriate text?


Customer Portal, End-user pages


Within the Customer Portal (CP) files, you can add a section to the Support Home page and/or add a tab to the navigation bar that leads to a custom page.  You can create a custom .php page and place it in a specific folder. Then, you can link to that file by including the file directories and the file name (without the.php extension).

For example, the default file to create a new account is named create_account.php and is located in the views/pages/utils folder. The URL to display that php file is:

Adding a section to the Support Home page:  Edit the home.php file to include the additional content you wish.

Adding a tab to the navigation bar:  Edit the rn_standard.php and rn_standard_account.php templates to include additional NavigationTab widgets to the templates.

For example, within the templates, the code below adds the Support Home tab to the navigation bar:

<li> <rn:widget path="standard/navigation/NavigationTab" label="#rn:msg:SUPPORT_HOME_TAB_HDG#" link="/app/home" pages="home, " css_class="selected"/>  </li>

Within the template, copy the code and update it to link to a custom page you have created.

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