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Navigating the Oracle B2C Service Support Portal
Answer ID 9705   |   Last Review Date 02/26/2021

How do you navigate the Oracle B2C Service Support Site?


Oracle B2C Service Support Site 


Below are tips and links to resources that will help you navigate the Oracle B2C Service Support Site.

Logging into the Oracle B2C Service Support Site

  • Start at the home page:
    • The home page provides
      • Short cuts to useful information
      • Featured announcements
      • Links to Service Request history and System Notifications
      • Recently published answers, micro-trainings and blog posts
        Note: Some items will require a login to access.
Support Portal Home Page
Top Navigation Bar
The top navigation bar provides several resource links:
  • Support
    Provides links to the Knowledge Base, Getting Started with Technical Support landing page, options to manage and submit service requests.
  • Documentation Library
    Includes links to Oracle B2C Service documentation overview answers, tutorials, Technical Documentation, Accelerators and Release Resources.
  • Community
    Provides links to Service Cloud Community, Field Service Community and Hero Hub.
  • Events
    Includes links to Modern Customer Experience, webinars, training videos and learning link, Support Experience and Customer Success blogs.
  • Paid Services
    Includes links for Priority Support, Training and Certification, Consulting, Partners and Cloud Marketplace
Persistent Options
  • From anywhere in the customer portal, the following options are always available:
    • Service Request: Submit a Service Request
    • Support Hotline: Contact Information for Oracle B2C Service Technical Support
    • Service Notifications: View your service requests that have been updated.

Managing service requests and contact record via Site Tools and Account

Each of the top options provides several resource links.  See Links on My Site Tools and My Account pages on Oracle B2C Service Support site for more information.

Additional Information

The following answers provide more information on utilizing and navigating the Oracle B2C Service Technical Support site:

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