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End-users logging out of a shared machine
Answer ID 746   |   Last Review Date 09/11/2019

How does an end-user log out of a session if their computer is in a shared environment?


Enduser Pages


When an end-user logs in our support site, apparently a cookie is set to recognize that user should they leave and return to the same machine. We would like to change this behavior. 


If the Oracle B2C Service application is using the default configuration of the IF_NOT_USER_MSG message base, (namely, "If you are not ______ click here"), then a link is included on the Support Home page when the end-user is logged in.

To log out, the end-user clicks on the link. Clicking this link ends the customer's session and requires the end-user to log in again through the Login link before they can review their submitted questions again.  

Note: If the Support Home page is disabled, this link appears on the Answers List page, which is accessed by clicking the Answers page.

If you would like to change the text of this message, you can edit the IF_NOT_USER_MSG message base.

Path to edit: Configuration items > Site Configuration > Message Bases > search by Key

Edit the value and click Update. Then, click Commit and Exit.

For more information on editing message bases, refer to Answer ID 383: Determining Which Message Base to Edit.