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Oracle B2C Service – Patches
Answer ID 7223   |   Last Review Date 02/26/2020

What are Patches to our site and when are they applied?


Oracle B2C Service, Product Updates
Previously known as One-off Release Updates or allsite patches


Patches are deployed when Oracle determines a need to update Oracle B2C Service in a timely manner outside of the scope and schedule of Maintenance Packs and Critical Security Updates.  For more information about updates please see Answer ID 4696: Popular Answers About Updating Oracle B2C Service

Patch Content

Each Patch includes a small set of code changes.  The content can include defect fixes, security vulnerability fixes or code changes that facilitate infrastructure changes.  Patches do not generally include new features, schema changes, or changes to customer-facing user interfaces and APIs. Patches also will not change the look and feel of your site.  The application of these updates is not expected to result in downtime or reduced functionality.

Patches are released when Oracle B2C Service must be updated in a timely manner.  These updates may also include fixes associated with known security vulnerabilities.  Due to this, Oracle does not provide release notes or documentation for the contents of these updates.

Patch Delivery

These updates are considered Emergency Maintenance and they are not scheduled in advance.

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