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Searching for answers with links to other pages
Answer ID 72   |   Last Review Date 07/14/2022

Is there a way to find or search for the answers that will be affected when those target pages are moved?


Answers, Analytics


We have published several answers that include links to other web pages in our site. We would like to find the answers that will be affected when those target pages are moved.


Custom report: You can create a custom report that lists the contents of your answers. Then, export the contents and evaluate the contents in another application. For example, you can export the data into Excel or similar application and set up filters to list which answers contain "answer_xref".

For more information on creating a custom report with answer content in it, refer to Answer ID 307: Printing and Reporting All Public Answers


Keywords: For this situation, however, you might consider adding a special keyword to the answer, such as "extlink" for an external link or "intlink" for a link to another answer. With this approach, the extlink or intlink will be indexed when the answer is saved and when you search on one of those words, you can view the list of answers that have an internal or external link.

Custom field: Another approach is to create a custom answer field for the type of link included in the answer. For example, you could create a custom menu field named Included Links with the following menu items listed: No Link, Other Answer, Other URL, and Both Answer and URL. In this way, you can search for your answers by how the custom field is set.