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Site and Interface Structure
Answer ID 7078   |   Last Review Date 03/13/2019

What is the overall structure of my site and interfaces?


Oracle B2C Service, All versions
An organization's "site" is sometimes referred to as an "instance".
A site (or instance) can have one or multiple interfaces.


Understanding the terminology of the structure of your site can be helpful when communicating with Oracle B2C Service agents.

Each Organization has at least one site (or instance). The site is associated to the Organization record.

For the site, there are interfaces. Some customers have multiple interfaces depending on the business needs.  There can be a variety of reasons for an organization to want multiple interfaces. 

One example of a typical business need for multiple interfaces is different language requirements. Each interface may have a different language pack to accommodate various end-user audiences. Only one language pack can be applied to an interface and language packs cannot be changed.

The interface has a name and vhostname.  The vhostname is also the url of the end-user pages. An example of how this looks is as follows:

Interface name = interfacename 
vhostname/end-user page url =

The vhostname is used by contacts to access your end-user pages.

When submitting service requests to the Oracle B2C Service, it is important that the following details be correct for the issue being reported:

1 - site name
2 - interface name(s)
3 - vhostname

Each interface has a launch url. The launch url is used by staff accounts to access your Oracle B2C Service console.