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Creating custom clickstreams actions
Answer ID 7007   |   Last Review Date 12/12/2018

How do I create a custom clickstream action for use in reporting or customizations?


Customer Portal, Analytics


The clicksteams actions are stored in the cs_actions table.  While some actions are always the same, such as action_id 1 and 2, other actions are populated as their use is recorded on a site.

You can create a report to view the cs_actions table.  Add columns cs_actions.action_id and cs_actions.action.  See Creating a basic custom report for information on creating a custom report.

Custom actions can be created by setting the meta tag on a custom page.

Example: <rn:meta title="#rn:msg:SHP_TITLE_HDG#" template="standard.php" clickstream="custom_action"/>

The custom page must be deployed and then browsed.  The new custom clickstream action will be added to the cs_actions table automatically.

Note that we do not suggest adding actions dynamically. If the cs_actions table becomes large it may adversely impact end user pages and site utility performance.