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Object Event Handler Flowerbasket Contents
Answer ID 6971   |   Last Review Date 07/22/2019

What has to appear at the top of Object Event Handler Files?


Process Designer, Custom Process Model (CPM) / Service Process Model (SPM)
November 2014 version and newer


This is the required format for an Object Event Handler Flowerbasket

* CPMObjectEventHandler: Testing_CPM
* Package: RN
* Objects: Contact
* Actions: Create, Update
* Version: 1.2
* Purpose: Does something awesome

•  Name:  Name matches class name as well as name used in test harness and file name
•  RN:  Standard Package
•  CO:  Custom Object Object - the name of the Object that will be tied to this handler
•  Actions:  List of Actions that this Object handler can be applied to (note separated by a comma)
•  Version:  Version must match with the one in the USE ConnectAPI statement below the flowerbasket.

For further information refer to:

Answer ID 8655: Custom Processes must have matching version information between the annotation and included Connect library