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Contact details are not immediately visible for transactional surveys triggered by a chat ending
Answer ID 6912   |   Last Review Date 07/08/2019

Why are survey contact details not visible immediately after a survey is submitted from a chat?


Chat, Transactional Surveys, Advanced Mode, Customer Portal (CP)


If a chat survey in advanced mode is using a <create Incident> command, the incident does not get created if the chat end-user was not logged into CP before submitting the chat.

If the end-user is not logged into the CP when initiating the chat, the survey at the end of the chat will not be associated to the contact until the agedatabase utility performs its daily run. Since the survey response is not linked to the contact when it is submitted, the create Incident action set in the advanced survey mode cannot be completed, as Contact ID is a required field for an incident.

In the following cases, the c_id will be available in the session, and hence will be updated in the question_sessions table immediately.

  • If the contact uses the login page and logs into the CP pages, and then initiates a chat session.


  • If the contact is using Pass Through Authentication (PTA).