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Incident.LastSurveyScore does not populate for surveys triggered via chat
Answer ID 9600   |   Last Review Date 01/27/2019

Why does the 'Incident.LastSurveyScore' incident column not populate with the survey score when triggering the survey via chat pop-up?


Survey, Analytics
Outreach, Feedback
Oracle B2C Service, All versions


As the LastSurveyScore column is a column associated with the incidents table, the survey will have to be triggered via the incident in order for it to show up.

If the survey is triggered via chat, the associated entry in the question_sessions table will not be linked with the incident but with the chat. For this reason, it would be expected for the LastSurveyScore column to not contain the chat survey details even if the incident is associated with the chat that triggered the survey.

If you create a simple report on the question_sessions table, the table that stores information on survey sessions, you will notice chat surveys will have a 'No value'(NULL) i_id(incident) and incident surveys will have a 'No value'(NULL) chat_id(Chat) since surveys can be associated with either the chat or the incident but not both.