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"Could not switch to locking process"
Answer ID 6728   |   Last Review Date 01/18/2019

Why did I get this error when I tried to log in?


Oracle B2C Service, All supported versions 


To correct this, open the Task Manager (crtl+alt+del) and select the Processes tab. Search this list and end all RightNow.CX.exe processes.  Re-launch the application to login successfully.  An alternate option is to reboot the workstation.


This issue has been seen with add-ins.

This error can occur when Windows does not release its lock on the application when the agent closes the console and the RightNowCX.exe*32 process ends. A related error is "Caught an unhandled exception: System.InvalidOperationException: Cache must be initialized before it can be used."

NOTE: The RightNow.CX.exe processes may not be showing in Task Manager. In this case please shutdown the workstation and then restart.