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SmartAssistant use of the Contact Visible Answers Report
Answer ID 6681   |   Last Review Date 01/14/2019

Why don't I get SmartAssistant suggestions when submitting an incident?


All versions, SmartAssistant


The Contact Visible Answers Report must match what is in the Customer Portal (CP) pages for SmartAssistant to work correctly. When these two reports do not match, SmartAssistant shows no results.

Usually the end user pages use the default report, ac_id 176, Answers - Complex Expression Search Default. However, you may have modified the report you are using. 

In order to find the report you are using in your end user pages follow the steps below:

Note, your profile must be enabled for CP development to follow this procedure.

1. Log into https://<interface>

2. After you log in then change the URL to /dav/.  This will give you a file system view of your CP site.  Note that you cannot modify files with this procedure.

3. Navigate to your /answers/list.php page.  The path will depend on the version of CP that you are using.


4. Open list.php and look for the report ac_id in use.

<rn:container report_id="176">

5. You can find the name of the report in the console in Reports Explorer.  Open the explorer and find a report based on the ID listed in the CP pages. Click Find in the ribbon, select Find using ID, enter the id and click Find.

6.  In order to be able to select a custom report from the Contact Visible Answers Report list it will have to contain the 'answers.special_settings' filter. For further information on the 'answers.special_settings' filter, see Answer ID 4273: Customer Portal answers.special_settings filter.

7.  Compare the report to the report shown in Configuration -> Interfaces -> Contact Visible Answers Report.  The reports should match or Smart Assistant may not function correctly.