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Questions Avoided Reports and SmartAssistant
Answer ID 5467   |   Last Review Date 12/12/2018

Does the report "Questions Avoided" capture avoided incidents when the SmartAssistant is popping?


SmartAssistant on End user Pages


Yes, and there are two reports that capture SmartAssistant deflections. Both reports are named "Questions Avoided".

The Report "Questions Avoided" (report ID 93) shows how effectively SmartAssistant suggested answers deter customers from submitting incidents. This report lists each interval in the date range and shows the number of incidents submitted by customers compared to how many incidents were avoided using SmartAssistant suggested answers.

There is also another standard report called "Questions Avoided" (report ID 201) that reports on how effectively your visitors are engaging with your site for self-service. You can view the overall ratio of visitors to submissions, overall successful interactions with your answers, and how effectively SmartAssistant Suggested Answers intercepts incident creation.

For information on using the Find feature to search for reports, refer to Answer ID 2539: Searching for specific reports and folders.