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Standard Text system-defined variables
Answer ID 6529   |   Last Review Date 10/02/2019

Is there a list of system-defined variables available in standard text?


Standard Text, System-defined Variables, $


The following table lists the system-defined variables (standard content variables) that are available for standard text.

 Incident Variables

Contact Variables 

Organization variables

 Misc. Variables

 $incidents. assigned.acct_id  $  $orgs.alt_name  $solutions
 $incidents.assigned.group_id  $contacts.addr.country_id  $orgs.login  $response_link
 $  $contacts.addr.postal_code  $
 $  $contacts.addr.prov_id  $orgs.sales_acct_id
 $  $contacts.addr.street

 $  $contacts.alt_name.first

 $  $contacts.alt_name.last

 $  $

 $incidents.created  $contacts.email_alt1.addr

 $incidents.interface_id  $contacts.email_alt2.addr

 $  $contacts.login

 $  $

 $  $

 $  $contacts.ph_asst

 $  $contacts.ph_fax

 $  $contacts.ph_home

 $incidents.ref_no  $contacts.ph_mobile

 $incidents.severity_id  $contacts.ph_office

 $  $contacts.sales_acct_id

 $incidents.status.type  $contacts.title


Apart from these standard variables, custom fields and custom attributes within these tables that are defined in the system will also be available for use within standard text. To output the custom field, the variable will follow this format: $<table>.c$<custom field column name>

Some standard fields in the respective tables are not available as system-defined variables by design. Additionally, only incident and contact variables will render when used in chat.

To access the system-defined variables:

  1. Click the configuration button on the navigation pane.
  2. Double-click Standard Text under Service. The Standard Text tree displays on the content pane.
  3. Open a Standard Text by clicking it in the tree.
  4. Click on the '$' from the Value section to display the system-defined variables.