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Request to Delete an Interface
Answer ID 6505   |   Last Review Date 06/21/2020

How can we delete interfaces from our site? 


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Previously, deleting an interface was an exercise in requirements gathering, scoping and data movement.  Post 18B release, the interface deletion exercise has been optimized and simplified. The analysis around how the data is affected is still required before proceeding with the interface deletion since all the data in the DB is interconnected and the data once deleted cannot be recovered. You will still need to work with Oracle Consulting to get the interfaces deleted by submitting all the necessary information with regards to all data you wish to keep intact, and moved within the interfaces you will be keeping.

Due to the changes done in the 18B release, the interface deletion process is going to be much smoother and faster. The interface deletion process will use the bulk delete APIs behind the scenes to clean up the data in a more efficient way with minimal impact on the site. 

To delete an interface, reach out to Oracle Consulting. Alternatively, we can just disable the interface without any effect to your site. If you wish to have an interface disabled, please submit a service request to our Support team via the Ask Technical Support page.

For information on disabling an interface, refer to Answer ID 7884: Disabling an interface.

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