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Then statement not available in rules
Answer ID 6482   |   Last Review Date 12/12/2018

Why can't I add a then statement to my rule?


Business Rules


If you are not able to add a 'Then' statement to your rules, it is very likely that you have a Transition State and Continue, or Transition State and Stop statement already in your rule. Once you have added a transition state to a rule you can no longer add anymore Then statements to that particular rule. If you want a new then statement you will need to first remove your transition state and then add it back:

  1. Open your rules
  2. Switch to edit mode
  3. Locate the rule you wish to edit
  4. Make a note of the state your rule is being transitioned to
  5. Click the Delete Action next to the Transition State statement
  6. The screen should flicker as it refreshes
  7. After it has refreshed you should now have the ability to add a then statement
  8. After you have added your new then statement don’t forget to re-add your transaction state to the state you noted in step 4